The Most Important Thing in a CV

What HR Look for when finalizing resumes

One of the key angles which people forget while writing a CV is this: A CV is written not for your satisfaction or not for your use, whenever you are writing a CV, make sure that you keep the client in mind i.e. THE HR or the recruitment firm.

The biggest dilemma in our society is this that people want to have a CV which they themselves are comfortable with, it is akin to such a scenario where brand companies make presentation which they like but which was not the requirement of the client. A road to failure.

During a recent job fair in Pakistan it was noticed by many HR professionals that the people who were crying the most over unfair recruitment practices or unavailability of jobs were those same candidates whose CV’s were in pathetic condition, the first and in most of the cases the only advice they gave to the candidates were either to overhaul and rewrite their CV / Resume, or better yet get their CVs/Resumes written by professional CV writing services available in Pakistan.

Another problem is this that there is a strong lack of good professional CV writers or CV writing services companies in Pakistan. There are a few independent CV or Resume Writing professionals who do not care to be very public about their charges or their fees, and a basic search over the internet will land you with a few reliable CV writing services companies in Pakistan.

The key focus here is to make sure that people are educated straight out of college that the kind of money they have invested in getting a degree should not shadow their personal profiles, because at the end your CV is your personal brand brochure and you should invest in it, it is that kind of investment which will give huge dividends in return.

The notion about CV writing throughout the world is the same, “I know myself best hence I will jot down my own history, because no one can write it better than me. This façade is dying throughout the world as candidates are becoming aware of their short comings and take professional help in writing their CVs. A huge industry is growing over the internet where CV writing services are very popular. There is now intense competition among CV writing services companies and everyone is getting a slice of the pie.

CV writing services in Pakistan is a concept which will take its sweet time to get fully attuned and understood, there are many pitfalls as people are not comfortable paying up front and they don’t understand the concept of resume writing according to the job market, people want their resumes to be written according to their wishes and their likeness, people need to be educated on the subject that the best thing to do in an uncertain situation is to leave the work to the professionals and in this case the resume/ CV writing professionals.

In Pakistan a few good names are topping the list on Google and there are some companies and personals on social media have also made a strong case of their writing skills as well.

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