Importance of Cover Letter

Learn about the value of covering letter when applying for a job!

A CV or resume seems empty and vacant if it is not paired with a covering letter, a cover letter for CV is a general statement addressing the recruiter or the hiring manager as to why you are interested in the job and what makes you suitable for the job.

Purpose of a Cover Letter?

A covering letter is written to state your interest in a position which might not be exactly as per your current experience but something which you might excel at if given an opportunity.

A cover letter for a CV gives a first hand glimpse of the persons approach towards his job, it tells what a person is interested in, but at the same time HR looks for strong evidence of sharpness and intellect, and at the same time a short summary of what you are and what value you can bring to the organization if they consider you or at best hire you.

The relationship of a cover letter and CV can never be underestimated as stated earlier that if you just send your CV or resume, it will give an empty feeling, a cover letter is french fries and coke to a burger, cheese to a pizza to put it frankly.

At the same time you would want your cover letter to make a strong statement and a clear connection with the hiring manager, the problem is that if you have never been in the seat of a recruiter or that you do not understand what a recruiter wants, you might end up writing a long tale of how glorious you are which would definitely make him bored, the art is writing a covering letter is to make it simple, to the point with strong and customized words to drive your point across.

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