LinkedIn and Pakistani Professionals

How to maximize your linkedin profile for getting new opportunities

LinkedIn is one of the few sites in the world which has achieved which so many sites earlier or later on did not achieve. It succeeded in getting all the worlds professional on a single platform. Professionals trust LinkedIn and have no qualms about putting up their entire professional history on the internet for anyone to see and explore. LinkedIn is now not only a top professional website for professional it is ranked among the top 3 across the globe in every country.

The Issue

The trouble with some Pakistani professionals is that they use LinkedIn as a social platform and turn it sometimes to voice their political concerns or looking for potential spouse (which is not a bad idea given that you can view a person’s entire career or his CV through LinkedIn), or share fruitless images of themselves.

People forget that LinkedIn is now one of the most important recruiter tool in the world, LinkedIn is a revolution in the hiring and recruitment business as it gives you a global reach (Yes! Any one from any part of the world can now reach you based on your skill sets.

Professionals in Pakistan should focus on getting their LinkedIn profile in order, you can clearly see their profiles are not created properly, grammatical mistakes, unorganized data, nothing professional about the entire profile. Although LinkedIn profile writing is accurately similar to CV writing, nevertheless there is a key element here, a CV is a document created on a tool but LinkedIn is the online representation of your CV or Resume.

When we start talking in online terms there are many factors which become part of the equation, you have to be careful what kind of words and terms you are using on your profile because LinkedIn has its own search engine and on top of that its search engine connects to a broader search phenomena which is the larger environment i.e Google, Bing etc among others, so your profile gets indexed and you become searchable on the world wide web.

How to Process With Your Linked Profile

An advice to the general public and professionals is this that if you get CV writing services to boost chances of your employability, then vice versa it is time to engage in either carefully drafting your LinkedIn profile or getting a professional content writer or internet market savvy person to write a LinkedIn profile for you.

The problem in Pakistan has always been that people don’t believe in getting their CV written from a professional CV writing services company, but now there is a marked change afoot, people are becoming more aware of getting professional help. When you do a basic search for CV writing services in Pakistan a few good companies will crop up, and the good thing is this that these same websites are now also offering LinkedIn writing services.

So remember, now your CV/Resume and LinkedIn Profile go hand in hand and perhaps LinkedIn is far..far much more important than your CV because it is there in front of 3 billion eyes.

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