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For the first time in Pakistan, Pakistan’s number one resume and CV writing service is offering Infographic Resumes & Visual CV's to its clientele.

What Is An Infographic Resume?

An Infographic Resume or CV takes a large amount of information in text or numerical form and then condenses it into a combination of images and text, allowing viewers to quickly grasp the essential insights the data contains

The goal of an infographic resume or CV is not just to look cool – it is to help recruiters quickly engage with the material and understand the main points. An infographic resume is also to engage the reader and tell your story quickly.

Why use a Visual CV?

Your professional resume or CV will only have a few seconds to impress the hiring manager. In order to get results, an infographic CV must be designed well and used thoughtfully.

The magic of infographics can make your CV eye catching, which is just what you need to get noticed in a competitive job market. An infographic resume/CV can help you get more positive attention.

Our Infographic Resume Features:

Here are some features of our Infographic CV & Visual Resume

  • Timeline - Our Infographic CV have a visual timeline to show your employment history, key achievements, and career milestones
  • Quotes/References – We feature testimonials and quotes from current and former managers, clients, or colleagues.
  • Photo – People respond to photos and we use them in your professional CV.
  • Headline/Tagline – A headline format to summarize who you are.
  • Statistics – Find a way to depict your strengths in numbers. Options include number of years of experience, number of successful projects, percentage of client satisfaction, etc.
  • Logos – If you’ve worked for top companies, we display their logos.
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Why You Should Get An Infographic Resume?

The infographic resume or CV is not only for advertising creatives and graphic designers. A crafty infographic resume or Visual CV can also demonstrate other strengths — including your marketing and branding expertise, your writing skills, your presentation savvy, and/or your knowledge of social media trends.

The Infographic CV or Visual Resume is not just a prospect to display your skills. You should be using your skills to tell a compelling story about yourself. A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, right? Use the power of visuals to communicate what’s exceptional about you.

With an Infographic resume or CV from, you’re not limited by the same format that everyone else is using. You can put the stress on the material that displays you are the best individual for the job.

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