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From the year 2012 – 2015 53% people were hired using LinkedIn!
Is LinkedIn creating valuable job opportunities for you?

It certainly should be!

When recruiters search LinkedIn looking for candidates in your line of work, you want them to find you - and then choose you. Nowadays everyone from HR managers to recruitment consultants rely on LinkedIn to provide them with the best candidates.

Having a professionally written profile makes this much more likely, dramatically increasing your chances of getting the job you want - the job you deserve.

Why use a LinkedIn profile writing service?

A LinkedIn profile is different from a resume but just as important.

It's crucial to get the balance right on a LinkedIn profile by using the right keywords and being professional while still showing your personality.

The advantage of using our LinkedIn writing service is that we know exactly what to include, what not to include and what angle and targeted content to use in your LinkedIn profile to ensure you'll get found ahead of your competition.

What does our LinkedIn profile writing service include?

We'll give your LinkedIn profile a complete overhaul. We will:

  • Research and provide search engine optimized keywords so that recruiting managers can easily find you
  • Completely re-write your profile in the first person narrative
  • Write a profile that shows your professional personality and makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Provide an enticing summary that captures who you are, what you are doing and what you want from your career
  • Eliminate all spelling and grammar mistakes from your profile
  • Make sure your profile has calls to action so that you get contacted
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