How To Write The Perfect CV As A Fresher?

Why a Good CV is essential in starting of your career

A fresher is like a baby sparrow who just got hatched from the hard shell and is out into this wide world with no plan of survival while the giant trees confuse it so much that it almost gets lost on its way.

In Pakistan, thousands of people graduate every month with big dreams. They dream about building the best career for themselves and achieving everything that felt impossible before but most of the time the constant reminder on how to prove themselves to the world burdens them to the extent that it breaks their passion.

Showcasing the capabilities to the world and winning on each step is what every eye foresees but unfortunately, recruiters do not have enough time to hear stories of your greatest achievements or the most successful projects completed. This is where a CV comes into action but it is still not the one who can save the day until it is not designed in a way to succeed in the target.

The process of CV making is probably one of the toughest and we all can relate to it. Staying up all night and searching the internet for the right formats or the famous CV writing services in Pakistan who could save us from the torture was made a day-to-day routine. Since all of us have been through these bad days, we decided to pen down some helpful tips for the freshers to guide them on building a successful CV.

Are you ready to take the ride with us for building the most impressive fresher CV of all time? Hop along because we have an amazing guide prepared.

Understanding Job Description-A Must!

Job descriptions are the guide to the job position that help a candidate understand their anticipated responsibilities. For an entry-level position, it is an obligation on the candidate to fully understand the job requirement and prepare their CV accordingly. One of the major roles that a job description plays in the CV is to construct the career summary and skills section which are the first two things a recruiter studies.

Say no to the buzzy content

An artistic mind, amiable personality, cordial nature with a robust ability to serve the sales department.

Results-focused professional with extensive knowledge of sales operations and relevant skills for managing sales activities and providing customer service.” Seeing the above two examples you must also be feeling that the second one seems more appropriate. Yes, because the second example is designed keeping in mind the simplicity needed for a CV. Do remember that the recruiter is not hunting exceptional English and the sole purpose of the document is to communicate your skillsets and potential to the recruiter so it is very important to make it convincing in the simplest way possible.

Arrange headings carefully

An important part of a successful CV is its structure. Many professional CV services have emphasized on the proper structure of a CV not because it gives the CV a professional look but because it aids the recruiter in determining the eligibility of the candidate. It also helps the recruiter to understand how much the applicant understands the recruitment process and whether they fit the role.

A desirable way to structure a fresher CV is to start with the “professional activities” section instead of “professional experience” because freshers have little to no work experience and recruiters are more focused on evaluating the candidate based on their academic contributions.

List down relevant activities

Relevancy to the field matters a lot when it comes to freshers’ CVs. The reason behind it is that a fresh candidate only has the activity section to prove their worth and make themselves the desirable candidate. A way to relate your achievements and activities with your field of interest is to first list down all the major activities and then sort them depending on which stand the most relevant to the job description.

Mention your internships and extra-curricular activities

One fact that the CV writers use to differentiate between a senior-level or experienced persons’ CV and a fresher’s CV is that a fresher’s CV is more inclined towards delineating a candidate’s internship experience and extra-curricular activities or interests since they have no work experience to include in their CV. It is recommended to always include all your internships, community, and voluntary work experience as they will diversify your personality and make the recruiter believe that you are always up for all kinds of challenges in the role.

Add a skills and ability section

This section will make a recruiter understand if they should be picking you despite you being a fresh candidate among many senior ones. The first thing you need to do to take off your skin is shun the belief that freshers stand nowhere in competition with senior-level candidates. The major tool that can help make your belief firmer is the ability and skills section in which the recruiter sees the candidates’ ability to fit the role despite being a newbie in the field. To make this section strong and impressive always refer to the job description and comprehend the right skills a recruiter is searching for and add them to the CV if you believe that you can utilize them once appointed.

Do not drag

As freshers, most of the time we run out of good content to fill our CV with and easily cross the fine line between a well-written CV and bragged CV. To avoid this, a common tip suggested by the CV writing services is to use strong action words that wrap up as well as bring potency to the content without adding unnecessary and irrelevant details to impress the recruiter.

Some common action words that can be used to create a winning fresher CV are; proactively contribute, maximize, capitalize, streamline, etc.

Earn your bread

One important tip for a fresher CV is to look passionate and appeal to the recruiter’s eye. A career summary is one of the main tools that a candidate can use to grow in the eyes of the recruiter since it is the first section that a recruiter reads. Therefore, always signalizing the recruiter that you are aiming for challenging roles and competition in your career will create a long-lasting impression. Always consider a CV the most personalized document of your professional career and pour your heart out to make the recruiter believe that you have the potential to grow in the role.

Creativity wins the day

The more creative a candidate is with their CV the longer it leaves a positive impact on the hiring manager. Since CV writing follows a very specific format there is very little margin for writers to show their creativity but the tagline used in the CV does complete justice to a writer’s creativity. The taglines are used to sum up the candidate’s personality, ability, and potential. Not alone this but they act as a magnet to pull the recruiter and force them to assess your CV from start to finish. These were some general tips that we believe are essential for creating a perfect fresher CV. However, CV services all over the globe have some additional practices as well such as cv writers in Pakistan advise sticking to the one-page CV rule for freshers because of no prior work experience, using the education section to strengthen the document and always including field-related achievements. The sole purpose of making a fresher CV perfect is to successfully land them on their dream job and help them surpass all recruitment barriers.

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