Why Your CV Format is Important

Selecting right CV format is crucial when making a resume!

Selecting the right CV format for you is crucial. In order to choose the correct professional CV format, you should evaluate your career history and goals for the future of your career.

The information you include in your CV will determine whether you get an interview, but many people don’t realize that the way you format the information is particularly vital. CV formats decide the way a recruiter or hiring manager sees you. It is their first impression of you both personally and professionally.

A professional CV format is imperative in capturing the recruiter or hiring manager’s consideration. They most likely only have time to surf your CV, so your objective is to put the most important information about yourself in places that are easily seen. Don’t hide your best qualities deep within your CV. Design your CV format where it will put the information right out there.

Diverse CV formats highlight different aspects of your professional skills and accomplishments. Once you get an interview, you can go into more detail about yourself, but your CV should showcase the very best things. So, choosing the correct and a professional CV format, based on your professional history, can make a big impact on recruiters.

Types of CV Formats

Although we cannot restrict the type of CV or CV formats as they are not standardized but a generally accepted norm among professional CV writers is that there are three main types of CV formats: chronological, functional and hybrid. Each CV format has a specific purpose and highlights different parts of the job seeker’s professional history. However each one has its merits and can be termed as a Professional CV format.

Chronological CV Format

The chronological CV format is the most traditional and professional CV template. It is also widely preferred by recruiters and hiring managers because it is very orderly and presents information in arrays. While it is called “chronological” this format lists experience and education in a reverse-chronological order, with the most recent first. For example, it will list your most recent work experience at the top and then work its way down. Reverse-chronological order makes it easy for the potential employer to see your current job first and so on..

The chronological CV format accommodates most industries because it has a very clean and polished lay out, this professional CV template is the most easy to sift through. It puts a heavy focus on dates and growth in your career. More than the other types of CV formats, this format holds the job seeker’s employment history in high regard. It is also the most straight-forward, and therefore, the easiest for the recruiter or hiring manager to analyze. They will rarely take the time to search through a CV to find the information they are looking for.

The chronological format is good for people with a defined career path. If your career is in one industry then go for this format. If you have a strong career in one industry without much gaps then this CV template is ideal for you. A final thought on this format is that it the most preferred and universally accepted professional CV format and if there is a professional CV template you should rather choose from then it should be the chronological one.

Functional CV Format

The functional CV format is essentially the exact opposite of the chronological format. Rather than focusing on work history, this format focuses on the job seeker’s skills and accomplishments. It is not nearly as popular as the chronological CV format. If you have a normal career path, the only reason you should consider the functional CV template is if you have ten or more years of work experience. However, even then, recruiters may see the functional CV and assume you are not as qualified.

The functional CV works best for the non-traditional career path because it caters to those who either have been out of the work force for a while or who have changed jobs frequently. This template is regarded as a highly professional CV template but it should be used with caution. It usually covers the gaps in employment and highlights the job seeker ‘skills.

While the functional CV is not a bad option, it needs to be done really well to make the right impression. The job seekers skills should be highly imposing and greatly outweigh their work experience. It is also very important to include dates in the functional CV so your history is clear to the recruiter.

Functional CV format should be used if you are a new graduate or are re-entering the job market after taking time off. It is best for those with gaps in employment because it showcases your skills rather than employment history.

Again a final word of precaution is that this professional CV template may not be for everyone and if you are taking the leap then make sure you have gone through all your professional CV format options.

Hybrid CV Format

In Pakistan most professional CV writers would take the cake for using the hybrid CV format, this CV template allows for a lot of flexibility and can do wonders, it is desired largely by people with a lot of experience and is a choice among CV writing services companies in Pakistan.

The CV format called the hybrid can also be viewed as a combination format. It is the combination of the chronological and functional CV template. The chronological style is maintained, but this format highlights skills and accomplishments just as much as it highlights professional experience.

The hybrid format takes some of the focus off of employment gaps without hiding them too much. It is a way to showcase your skills while also showcasing your professional achievements. Hybrid CV format is used by the majority of candidates and is one of the most in demand CV template. The hybrid CV format should be used if you have ample experience under your belt but you have some notable gaps in employment. If you have a noticeable skill which shadows your work experience then you should opt for this professional CV format.

A word for Hybrid CV format is that it is the king of professional CV formats, and should be the first choice among people with extensive experience. While writing a professional CV a hybrid combo should always be used taking other factors into consideration as well.

Finally, these are the most renowned and generally accepted professional CV formats or professional CV templates, whatever you might call it. You are free to test things in your CV and be as creative as you can there are no limits but make sure that you always include decent and impressive things in your profile.

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