Thinking About Hiring Professional Writers For Resume Writing?

Let us tell you is Why its Not Enough for a Good Resume

Yes, you are reading it right. If you are thinking that hiring professional CV writers is just enough for a good CV then you are absolutely wrong. In today`s world, the process of recruitment has evolved and the traditional ways have been replaced by efficient methods and technology.

The organizations around the world are preferring modern tools to fulfil their recruitment operations. They are utilizing software to perform a variety of recruitment functions such as scheduling interviews, screening CVs and shortlisting candidates. This is indeed a better way which is also enhancing the effectiveness of the recruitment process but things are not that simple, as many applicants often tend to complain about lack of response on their application from recruiters. Can you guess the reason? Well, keep on reading and you will understand it.

Why a Good CV Matters?

Everybody wants to ace the interview but many people do not even get to that stage because their application is usually discarded and not entertained by the recruiters and one of the major reasons is their bad CV. Well, it is a fact that not everyone can make a good CV which is why people hire CV writers and prefer to go for the dedicated CV writing service providers to improve their CV and make it professional. The interesting thing is, even those CVs made by dedicated CV writers often fail to land an interview call and it is very frustrating for the applicant. This often led to people undermining the entire CV writing community which is indeed not correct as they are several other things that should be kept into consideration.

The Conventional Way!

In the current market, there are a vast majority of CV writing service providers who are following the conventional way. According to it, the entire CV writing process is done by the CV writer alone, as a result of which the CV failed to bring fruitful results. /p>

They do not have a team to research, plan and write a CV instead they assign it to the writer and the entire process is usually done only by the writer. You must be thinking who else is needed? And why the writer alone is it not enough for a good CV? Well, a writer thinking is quite different from a Human Resources person because the aim for the writer is to ensure the correct presentation of information on the CV whereas the latter prefer choosing those CV with the relevant details.

“The Team Effort and a Good CV”

Although, there are very few companies which are doing the things differently and keeping up with the current market needs because they have a proper dedicated team which handle each CV writing project and ensure all of the processes is being done with the consensus of all the team members.

The team generally comprises of three persons including the writer, researcher and the HR specialist. Each team members has a defined role, as the process begins with the CV researcher who performs the research and gathers all the necessary data after conducting a detailed analysis of the customer`s profile. After the research, all the relevant information and details are sent to the writer for the second stage. During and after every stage the HR specialist oversees and guide the team members and highlight the areas which need to be improved.

The HR Specialist Role is Important

Well, a good CV always needs input from the HR specialist, as they understand the recruiters better than the writer and knows how to ensure CV is of top quality and professionally written. If we look at the current Pakistani market, there are many CV writing service providers operating in the country but only one or maybe two have a dedicated team comprising of HR Specialist, researcher and the professional CV writers. This new method needs to be followed because the market demand is far greater and the inclusion of this method would benefit the entire industry.

The Conclusion

In order to get a better idea, you need to understand the purpose of CVs first, and how they are evaluated. Many organizations in the current market now use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to handle their recruitment needs so your CV should be good enough and well prepared for a thorough software screening.

The ATS evaluate CV by applying filters which search and identify the relevant jobs specific keywords in your CV in order to ensure that it has the required information. If by any chance you successfully clear the software screening phase then in the second stage your CV will be evaluated by the HR person who will then shortlist it for the interview if he/she finds it worthy. This is the tricky part because, in order to satisfy the HR person, a team effort is a must which was discussed earlier in this article. So, you should always remember that hiring professional CV writers is not enough for a good CV because it is a teamwork and input from the HR specialist is a must.

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