10 Reasons to Hire Professionals For CV Writing

Why you needs professionals for your resume in Pakistan!

Pakistan is a developing country and in developing countries there is a lot of talent and limited opportunities. Pakistan is also one of those countries where a lot of freelance and outsource work is being done. English is the official language in Pakistan and majority of the schools, colleges and universities focus on English as the main language of instruction and coursework. This results in people being well versed in not only spoken but written English as well.

With this being said there are a lot of freelance professional CV and Resume writers in Pakistan who provide their services to writing companies offshore. Some of the CV and resume writers specifically from major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar have outstanding reviews and ratings on freelancing sites. At the same time many CV writing companies from Pakistan are also listed on these international forums and have top notch ratings and stars against there profile. You can check this by doing a basic search for CV writing services and Resume writing services on websites like freelancer, UpWork and Fiverr.

In Pakistani market, most of the candidates can speak and write good English but the language of a resume/CV is very different from what is written in other scripts and texts, there is a wide margin between this. Hence the best shot for people in Pakistan to land interview calls is to engage professional services for CV writing. It can come in the form of a freelancer or a CV writing company operating in Pakistan. The problem with hiring a freelancer to makeover your CV is that he she might not execute your project professionally in the sense that he she might not deliver on time, might charge extra for edits and amendments. Recently more and more websites are launched on the web where CV writing services are provided in Pakistan.

Here are some of the reasons why you should get professional help when drafting a resume

They know what they are doing

Ok although this is an established thing that most people who try to create their own profiles are super confident of what they are doing, but as the old adage goes ‘if you want to get work done, hire a professional’ The main reason to hire a professional CV or resume writer or get services from resume writing companies in Pakistan is that they have been long into this kind of work and probably know the ins and outs of the entire business. It is always a safe bet to rely on professionals. Although the point here to consider is the cost. Even though they might charge you but remember if you spend 5 to 10 thousand rupees on your document and it ends up landing you a job worth 10 or 20 times more than this then it is a definite thing to get.

Strong command on English

Because these CV writers and CV writing companies do this on a daily basis, they have mastered the art of crafting beautiful sentences and industry relevant phrases and jargons into your resume/CV.

Can present your data beautifully

You know you are good; we know you are great, but the employer and the recruiter won’t see it that way. All they will end up seeing is that piece of word processing documents. A page or two which summarizes your entire academic and professional career. This requires that your data should be presented in such a manner that it exudes you. It should glow of your persona and your skill set. A professional CV writing company can do that for you. Unfortunately, in Pakistan a lot of people opt for copy paste stuff and end up being copy trashed.

They have excellent formats in their armory

Professional CV writers and CV/Resume writing companies in Pakistan have technically lots of resume formats in their database. Save yourself the time and get their help. It will definitely go a long way.

They do industry research

Because no one could have worked in all the industries and positions which are available in an economy, hence it is a crude fact that when resume writers in Pakistan or elsewhere start drafting a resume or CV for someone they conduct a basic search of that profession and gather data. Secondly, they have access to some very unique websites and tools which a normal person doesn’t have. This is the edge which professional CV writing companies have over people who write and draft their own CV’s.

They can do comparative research

A CV writing company can always conduct a comparative research for you. You might have your own strong and long held beliefs about how a resume should look like. But the hard truth is this that every day things are changing in this rapid technological era. CV writers in Pakistan will compare your data and profile for what is currently the in thing and mold your profile accordingly.

They know how the mind of employers and recruiters work

Now the biggest reason to hire professional CV writers in Pakistan. Because they keep building profiles and resumes. CV writers develop an astute sense of what is required by employers and recruiters. They know, sometimes more than you, which skill is in demand, what abilities and competencies are in-vogue and what specifically is needed by HR departments, recruiters and employers. It’s a safe bet and a good one which will bear dividends.

They are in-expensive

Fortunately for Pakistanis, CV writing services are very affordable and cheap in Pakistan in comparison with rest of the world. You will get one of the best prices and good services when you select any CV writing company in Pakistan.

They have solid connections

Those CV and Resume writing companies who have been in the business for at least 2 – 3 years and have written and built profiles for a plethora of candidates have strong connections with people in every industry and on every level. The reason being that they have drafted CV’s for them and hence know them. These CV writers can refer you to great places or perhaps give you insight into your industry or a specific company if you are lucky enough. Although they have strong confidentiality clauses which forbids them to share any data but they might at least refer you if you ask them nicely.

They can provide great advice on applying techniques

The companies who draft resumes and CV’s also know what almost perfect methods are of applying for specific positions and organizations. You can try your luck and ask for advice on applying from either your CV writing service in Pakistan or the CV writer you have engaged.

To end this topic. Now you have a fair idea of what are some of the top reasons to hire professional writing services in Pakistan. Till next time.

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